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Partnering with ARCpoint Occupational Solutions is like adding a new chip to your brain.

Turnkey Onboarding & Compliance Support

Ensure your OSHA & DOT compliance with our turnkey program, including comprehensive occupational health & management services.

Occupational Health

From physical exams & mask fits to HAZMAT screening & immunizations, let us provide your occupational health services.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We’ll create & implement your drug & alcohol program, including pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, DOT-regulated, or random testing.

Billing Consolidation

Streamline accounting operations thanks to our billing consolidation; with our tier one rollup you receive a consolidated bill not multiple site bills.

Networked Sites

Our nationwide network of clinical testing facilities makes site management easy — and we provide assistance with out-of-network management, too.

Problem Solving & Logistical Support

We tackle all problems that may arise, from billing to testing site problems to results reporting.


Keep your management team well-trained and knowledgeable with our drug and alcohol testing program training.

Integrated Workflow Management and Solutions for every Business


Integrated Workflow Management

We provide drug and alcohol testing program design, site protocoling, documentation standardization, billing support, & more.

Clinical & Occupational Testing

From vaccinations and titers testing to pre-hire physicals, DOT exams, and HAZMAT/Asbestos screening, we are your source for occupational health and clinical testing.

Background Screening

When adding to your team, find assets, not roadblocks. We’re partnered with S2Verify to ensure you make sound hiring decisions.

Problem Solving

We tackle any issues that arise, from drug and alcohol testing site hangups to billing or processing problems. Rest easy while we troubleshoot.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our expertise extends from DOT testing to on-site or remote drug and alcohol testing to employee program training for better occupational health.

Our Network

Our nationwide drug and alcohol testing lab network and online platform enable you to get the services and support you need when and where you need it.

To Learn More

Learn more about our comprehensive occupational solutions — call 888-663-1881 or contact us today!

Why AOS?

AOS is a one-stop, turnkey solution for employers in need of occupational and drug and alcohol testing options for employees. We have a wealth of experience in testing collections and protocol. We specialize in OSHA testing requirements and DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing so that your employees and companies conduct accurate and reliable testing. We offer a variety of services and pride ourselves in meeting client needs for better occupational health.

Our Philosophy

Customer Service is our top priority. We believe our services should exceed industry standards and be the best value for the customer. Accuracy and quality testing is what we provide to all clients. We strive to meet all needs through shared decision making. AOS will successfully meet any challenge presented.


Technology is vital in accurate testing and reporting for any industry. We provide our clients with a customizable platform that meets industry drug and alcohol testing compliance standards. With our web-based platform you have 24/7 access to your testing results. That means no waiting and access to your records anytime from any place.


Unsure of what your company needs in testing? AOS can help. Our occupational health industry experts have extensive knowledge in compliance from OSHA standard testing to DOT drug and alcohol compliance. We are prepared to assist in your testing policy designs and set up.

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