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Background Screening

Custom Web Portals & Job Boards

Streamline Applications & On-Boarding with Custom Web Portals & Job Boards

AOS makes it easier for you to find, vet, and hire skilled employees with our customizable web portals and job boards.

From start to finish, the process can be automated, secure, and simplified — and our trained adjudication staff is in the wings to ensure the precision of the data generated.

Tailored Web Portals

Improve the application experience and streamline hiring procedures thanks to our branded web portals. Candidates can access job information and apply with ease.

Intuitive Job Boards

Create job boards on an individual or national level, with the option of allowing each location to make a job posting. Applications can be pushed to individual recruiting staff or a pool. We integrate branded electronic consent and application documents for your job boards or allow for the creation of a custom webpage link to be distributed via email.

Accessibility & Confidentiality

Our web portals and job boards make it easy for your company to collect applications internationally thanks to a system that allows you to switch between multiple languages.

Furthermore, if you are required to report EEOC data, the intuitive system provides a way for confidential completion of these inquiries to protect applicant information and ensure full compliance.

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