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Background Screening

Driver History

Driving Record Check by AOS

If your employees are required to drive company-provided vehicles or their own vehicles to perform their job, you should make it a priority to check their driving record to assess potential liabilities, such as reckless driving or a history of accidents. It is all the more important for companies that rely on commercial drivers to check driving records.

Our background check capabilities include accessing driving records of current and prospective employees, including CDL driving records.

What a Driving Record Includes

Through AOS, you can get full access to applicants’ or employees’ driving records, which include:

  • Name & Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Issue Date & Expiration
  • Status Endorsement
  • History of Accidents, Suspensions, & Violations
  • Access to Driving Record in all 50 States & Puerto Rico
  • Instant Turnaround Time (except for AK, PA, WA, HI, & PR)

If your company is regulated by the Department of Transportation, you must conduct a driving record check every 6 months to ensure DOT compliance. To check driving records of employees is a simple thing to have done for peace of mind.

For further information on obtaining an employee’s driving record with AOS, call 864-990-3696 today.