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Background Screening

Employment Verification

Applicant Education & Employment Verification

While embellishing a resume may not seem like a major offense, when it comes to hiring, employers should realize that when an applicant misrepresents their education or experience during the hiring process, it can lead to serious liabilities when on the job.

By conducting an education and employment verification through AOS, employers are able to confirm applicants’ self-reported information to ensure they are equipped to take on positions within the company.

AOS Education & Employment Verification

Using electronic verification resources or by contacting human resources departments or direct supervisors, AOS can confirm an applicant’s stated employment history quickly and legally.

In addition to employment verification, we also provide education verification by conducting manual phone calls or utilizing electronic verification tools to review attendance dates and degree status.

To learn more about our education and employment verification services, contact AOS today at 864-990-3696.