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Background Screening

International Screening

International Background Check Services

Conducting a background check is a sensitive matter and should be handled as such, particularly when international law is involved. AOS can partner with organizations on any continent to perform international background check services.

For a reliable national and international background check you can count on AOS. Thanks to our expertise in international and national background screening, including regulatory guidelines and federal laws, we are able to conduct an international background check that complies with industry best standards as well as all applicable laws here and abroad.

About Our International Background Screening Services

Work with AOS for all your background screening needs. Both nationally and internationally, our team is renowned for helping companies maintain compliance with laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in America or the EU Data Protection model in Europe. We are seasoned in navigating the complexities of data privacy regulations across languages and cultures, providing a comprehensive and reliable background check across borders and oceans.

Entrust AOS with your international background check needs; call 864-990-3696 to learn more today!