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DOT Random Drug Testing

If your organization is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to conduct random drug testing, then your chief concern should be ensuring that you follow their regulations.

With so many rules to follow, it can be difficult to know where to begin when implementing your random drug testing program.

Here are our best practices for initiating and carrying out a random program that adheres to DOT requirements!

Start Off Your DOT Random Drug Testing Right

Frequency Rates

DOT regulations stipulate the frequency for random drug testing. These change on a yearly basis, as do the deadlines for reporting test results.

In order to remain fully compliant with DOT random drug test rules, your organization will need to be aware of the year’s required frequency as well as reporting dates.

Ensure Truly Random Testing

As the name suggests, one key element of random drug testing is that it must be random. This means that you must have a system in place to select individuals at random for testing. Doing so through an objective third party will ensure that you are not legally liable should an individual claim you have unfairly targeted them for testing.

The random aspect of this testing does not only pertain to the individuals tested, either. Random testing should be scheduled and conducted at random so that your employees don’t detect a pattern. This will prevent attempts at cheating or abstaining from drugs, which affects the integrity and purpose of DOT random drug testing.

Program Education

Part of your DOT drug testing must also include employee education. Employees must be aware that as a DOT organization, you are legally required to conduct random drug testing. They should also be informed of their responsibilities, rights, and the repercussions of confirmed drug use.

Work With a Trusted DOT Testing Partner

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions can serve as your DOT random drug testing expert. We are equipped to provide random drug test management, supervisor training, and random drug testing.

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