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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing Solutions for Your Workplace

Are you considering a drug and alcohol test program for your company or business?

It is known that 68% of all drug and alcohol abusers are employed full- or part-time, leaving employers at risk for the medical issues, workplace injuries, on-site accidents, security risks, and high costs associated with employing a substance abuser. Do not leave your workplace open to these serious risks. 

With the right drug and alcohol testing program management, policy development, training, and testing, your business can avoid the high risks and costs of employing those who abuse drugs and alcohol. AOS can provide a drug and alcohol test or other solutions your business needs to promote a sober workforce, which in turn promotes productivity. 

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Testing Solutions

AOS aims to provide any drug and alcohol testing services you might need, including: 

Let AOS handle the drug and alcohol test program for your business. Contact us for more information about our drug and alcohol testing solutions.

For more information on our program management, training, and drug testing services, contact AOS today at 864-990-3696 or online.