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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions offers DOT drug testing and occupational screening services to help your company ensure DOT compliance at all times.

We Provide DOT Drug Testing to Ensure Your Compliance

If your company is required to follow the Department of Transportation’s DOT drug testing regulations, AOS can assist you in achieving compliance. We want you to have a safe, healthy and legally compliant workforce. Without proper DOT drug testing services, your company could be at risk. Let our team help.

AT ARCpoint Occupational Solutions, we will help you meet all compliance requirements, bettering your workplace in the process. Learn more about why AOS is the team you can trust for DOT drug and alcohol testing.

Why AOS for DOT Drug Testing?

Partnering with AOS for DOT drug testing offers several advantages:

  • Thanks to our industry expertise, we ensure your adherence to DOT drug testing regulations
  • We stay up-to-date with all regulations, providing compliance assistance year-to-year
  • While we focus on DOT drug testing or alcohol testing guidelines, you can focus on running your business
  • With DOT drug & alcohol testing carried out, your workforce will be safer, healthier and better for your business
  • Working with a trusted industry professional lowers your legal liability & insurance costs

To learn more about DOT drug or alcohol testing through AOS, call 864-990-3696 today!