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Drug and Alcohol Testing

On-Site or Mobile Drug Testing

Convenient On-Site or Mobile Drug Testing for Your Workplace

Often times companies need to pursue drug testing but delay doing so due to the inconvenience of scheduling lab-based testing.

With on-site or mobile drug testing by AOS, you can reap the benefits of lab-based testing without the hassle.

Advantages of On-Site or Mobile Drug Testing

Select AOS as your provider of mobile drug testing and you will experience why we are trusted industry leaders.

Our on-site or mobile services enable you to safety, easily test your workforce as part of your random or reasonable suspicion drug testing program. Since we will travel to your workplace, you don’t have to worry about potential accidents that could occur, experience delays in results, or budget for the travel time required when employees have to drive to the lab on their own.

Mobile drug testing is particularly useful for post-accident screening; our team can quickly travel wherever we’re needed and conduct chain of custody collections for legally-admissible results. You don’t have to experience delays or forgo testing due to geographical constraints; our mobile drug test services make screening a possibility anywhere.

For more information on how on-site or mobile drug testing can help your workplace screening program, call 864-990-3696 today.