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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing by AOS

Ensure the security and safety of your workplace with pre-employment drug testing and alcohol screening by AOS. Our team can help design an effective pre-employment screening and drug testing program for your company, then our nationwide network of clinics can provide testing services.

With AOS,  you can make objective, smart hiring decisions and avoid the monetary and professional costs associated with employing a substance abuser. Whether you are mandated to conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol testing due to DOT regulations or you are choosing to test of your own volition, AOS has the expertise to spearhead program design, management, testing, training, and more.

Why Pre-Employment Drug Testing or Alcohol Screening?

Many companies choose to utilize pre-employment drug testing and alcohol screening in order to:

  • Prevent the loss of time & money associated with making a bad hire
  • Keep their current employees safe
  • Ensure the security of their assets (both physical & financial)
  • Prevent the high costs of hiring an addict (medical care, legal fees associated with worksite injuries, workers’ compensation or disability claims, insurance rates)
  • Attain compliance with local, state, & federal laws

AOS offers a variety of pre-employment drug testing and alcohol screening options, allowing employers to select the methodology, window of detection, substances detected, and more. Many of our clinics can provide on-site or remote testing as well as convenient, clinic-based service. Contact ARCpoint to learn more about pre-employment screening procedures.

For more information on using AOS for your pre-employment drug testing or alcohol screening needs, call 864-990-3696 or contact us online today!