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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Be Sure About Your Hires with a Pre-Employment Drug Test

If you want to ensure the safety of your workplace and invest soundly in employees, consider using AOS to conduct a pre-employment drug test on your applicants.

Our team can design a screening program that meets your needs, and our nationwide network of labs can even provide on-site services, meaning prospective hires won’t even have to travel to get their pre-employment drug test done.

Convenient, Accurate Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Our networked clinics provide reliable pre-employment drug testing results and convenient service. Whether your hires visit one of our clean, comfortable facilities for their pre-employment drug test or our on-site testing team travels to your office to provide service, you will experience the same high standard of care, quick collections, and streamlined results reporting. We provide the information employers need to make objective hiring decisions and adhere to DOT regulations when applicable.

To learn more about pre-employment drug testing with AOS, contact us today at 864-990-3696