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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Program Management

A well designed random drug test program is important for the safety of your organization or company, as well as your employees. You can trust that the random drug test services from ARCpoint Occupational Solutions are comprehensive, reliable and thorough.

Random Drug Test Management

Whether your company is mandated to perform a random drug test program, because of DOT regulations, or you are a non-DOT business using random testing as a substance abuse deterrent, AOS can provide random drug test management.

From employee training to carrying out the random drug test program, AOS can provide all the services your business or organization needs for an effective, fully-compliant random drug test program.

Simplifying Your Random Drug Test Program

Let AOS design a random drug test policy that achieves compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws. As part of our random program administration, we will provide full supervisory training. Once you are ready to commence your random drug test program, our random pool options provide flexibility and compliance assurance.

With the AOS team providing random drug test program management, your company decreases liability and litigation risk.

For more information on how AOS can help with random drug test administration, call 864-990-3696 today.