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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Drug Test Training

Supervisor Training for Random Drug Tests

The success of your workplace substance abuse testing program largely depends on the willingness and understanding of your management staff. If supervisors don’t understand your drug testing program and their role in it, policies and procedures, including those regarding random drug tests, will not be properly communicated.

AOS provides random program management as well as supervisor training to ensure your random drug tests run smoothly.

Employee Education on Random Drug Tests

With ARCpoint Occupational Solutions, your management staff will know everything they need to know to ensure your random drug tests are conducted properly, including:

  • How to discuss the random drug test program with current & prospective employees
  • Strategies for communicating consequences of failing random drug tests
  • How to leverage random drug tests most effectively as a substance abuse deterrent
  • Specific details on their role in the random drug test program

When the key players at your organization understand your company’s random drug tests, your program will run most effectively. For more on how AOS can help with random drug test training, call 864-990-3696 today.