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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reasonable Suspicion

Are You Drug Testing in the Workplace? Don’t Forget Reasonable Suspicion

Too often, employers rely on pre-employment drug testing to ensure the health and safety of their workforce, but do not continue screening beyond this initial pre-hire process.

AOS can help you design a comprehensive plan for drug testing in the workplace that includes reasonable suspicion testing, which is a major deterrent for substance abuse.

Help With Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Whether you are covered under DOT regulations or you simply wish to conduct reasonable suspicion testing to make your testing program more effective, you can consult with AOS for help with the following:

  • Reasonable Suspicion Program Management (DOT & Non-DOT programs)
  • Reasonable Suspicion Supervisory Training
  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

For more information on how AOS can help with reasonable suspicion drug testing in the workplace, call 864-990-3696 today.