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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Conduct Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing with AOS

Depending on the state(s) in which you do business, laws may only permit your company to perform substance use testing when there is reasonable suspicion or a proven case (such as an on-site accident) to justify testing.

AOS provides reasonable suspicion drug testing or alcohol testing; we can also provide employee training to help your business navigate the complexities of what qualifies as reasonable suspicion.

What Does Reasonable Suspicion Testing Entail?

Any of the following scenarios provide the needed justification for reasonable suspicion drug testing:

  • Work-related or on-site accidents
  • A marked loss of productivity of efficiency in an employee
  • Improper conduct or interpersonal behaviors
  • Frequent lateness or truancy

If you have determined that reasonable suspicion testing is necessary, AOS can provide on-site, remote, or clinic-based drug or alcohol testing services. We provide quick, accurate results!

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