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Drug and Alcohol Testing

DOT Collection Training

DOT Collections Training for the Urine Drug Test

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Regulations 49 CFR Part 40 govern the qualification training required for collections technicians involved in drug and alcohol testing. The law not only requires new collectors to demonstrate proficiency in collections procedures, but also stipulates that current specialists must receive refresher training every 5 years for DOT drug testing.

AOS helps companies achieve DOT compliance by employing lab technicians who are fully-trained in collections for each DOT urine drug test.

What Does DOT Urine Drug Test Collections Training Entail?

As part of DOT urine drug test collections qualification, AOS staff members demonstrate their ability to:

  • Properly & thoroughly conduct urine drug test collections
  • Follow chain of custody procedures, including donor identification documentation & completion of the Custody & Contact Form (CCF)
  • Troubleshoot “problem” collections, including a subject’s inability to urinate or attempted urine drug test cheats
  • What qualifies as a “fatal flaw” or a “correctable flaw” in collections, & how to correct these
  • Maintain the integrity of collections, including privacy & comfort of tested individuals & the integrity of the specimen

Following training, each collector must successfully demonstrate 5 consecutive urine drug test collections without error, including 2 “uneventful” scenarios and 3 “problem” scenarios. ARCpoint Occupational Solutions provides quality training for DOT drug testing procedures.

For more information on how AOS staff are trained in urine drug test collections to ensure DOT compliance, contact 864-990-3696 today.