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Audio Testing


Order an Occupational Hearing Test (Audiogram) & Prevent Costly Employee Hearing Loss

According to a recent report from the CDC, hearing loss is the second leading nonfatal occupational illness across all industries, including state and local governments.

As an employer, you can prevent your workforce from experiencing auditory issues with a hearing test or audiogram by AOS.

Why Invest in a Hearing Test?

With the early identification of hearing loss provided by an audiogram, employers can:

  • Meet necessary industry, state, and federal regulations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of noise exposure management tools currently employed on-site
  • Make adjustments to current noise exposure management to prevent employee hearing loss
  • Pinpoint individual employees with auditory issues — preventing further hearing loss & on-site accidents or incidents

Our hearing test is a turnkey program, and our nationwide presence allows us to conduct the audiograms regardless of where your workforce is based, making AOS an asset to companies with a mobile workforce in need of a hearing test.


To learn more about our hearing test services, call AOS at 864-990-3696 today, or let us know your unique needs when you contact us.