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Titer Testing

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions offers titer testing services to screen for immunity against preventable diseases.

What A Titer Test Does

A titer test can provide an assessment of a persons immunity by measuring the diversity and amount of antibodies present in their blood. A titer test can be especially important for those who have certain career fields, such as health or child care. It can also help determine if a person has already received a vaccination. Whether they were too young to remember getting vaccinated or what vaccinations they received, a titer test can help determine their current level of immunity.

Arrange a Titer Test to Gauge Employee Immunity

Individuals in healthcare, education, geriatric care, and other industries may be required to monitor or prove their immunity to certain communicable diseases. With titer testing provided by AOS, you can help employees gauge their immunity to vaccine-preventable illnesses, identifying what immunizations are still needed and preventing costly and unnecessary duplicate vaccinations.

One Titer Test Can Clear Employees for the Job

Your workers may be in need of a titer test if:

  • They cannot recall what vaccinations they have received
  • They cannot locate their immunization records
  • They will be in contact with patients or other individuals at high risk for communicable diseases
  • They were born before 1989 when the vaccination recommendations for MMR changed
  • They are required to travel internationally

To learn more about how the titer test may be useful to your employees, call AOS at 864-990-3696.