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Occupational Solutions

Functional Capacity Testing


Clear Your Employee for Work with a Functional Capacity Evaluation

AOS can provide a functional capacity evaluation for any employee in order to determine their ability to perform labor from medical, physical, and behavioral standpoints. Our functional capacity evaluation is flexible to allow for adaptation across industries, but stringent enough that you can trust our results.

Why Administer a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

AOS may provide the functional capacity evaluation to for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To demonstrate a prospective employee’s work readiness
  • To provide baseline data for any necessary rehabilitation related to occupational injuries
  • To clear employees for work after an occupational injury or health problem
  • To help employees and employers develop work goals
  • To help companies develop safe workplace guidelines
  • To provide necessary documentation for disability claims
  • To assist physicians with evaluating impairments
  • To identify necessary job modifications

In order to gauge an individual’s work readiness, AOS may conduct a variety of tests within the functional capacity evaluation, including an intake interview in which medical history and health information is collected, a musculoskeletal evaluation, physical demand testing, material handling evaluation, non-material handling evaluation, simulation of tasks related to the particular job, and psychological evaluation. Following completion of the functional capacity evaluation, we will share a report detailing the individual’s strengths and limitations in regard to their work readiness.


For more information on what our functional capacity evaluation entails, contact AOS today at 888-663-1881.