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DOT Exams


Partner with AOS & Ensure a Quality DOT Physical Exam

The Department of Transportation not only establishes guidelines regarding drug and alcohol testing for DOT-regulated businesses; those that fall under the federal designation are also required to undergo a DOT physical exam.

These evaluations assess an individual’s mental, physical, and medical problems to determine if they are capable of working in a safety-sensitive position.

AOS: Up-to-Date with DOT Physical Exam Requirements

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions can provide comprehensive DOT physical exam services. Our nationwide clinics will evaluated your employees and clear them for driving, fixing, or operating vehicles or other machinery as required by the law.

Our team of industry experts always stays updated on the very latest in DOT physical exam requirements, ensuring your business is aligned with federal regulations. This preserves the safety of your workforce and all people you serve.


To learn more about getting a DOT physical exam through AOS, contact us or call 864-990-3696 today.