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Occupational Solutions

Pre-Hire Physicals


Establish Work Readiness with a Pre-Employment Physical

Many industries — especially those with more physically demanding tasks or with higher health risks — require the use of a pre-employment physical to assess a prospective employee’s physical ability to perform their role at the business.

AOS can help your company clear hires for duty with a pre-employment physical.

Why Invest in a Pre-Employment Physical?

Companies that take the time to conduct pre-employment physical exams reap the following benefits:

  • Assurance that an employee is physically capable of performing their job
  • Prevention of on-site accidents or worksite injuries that may arise when individuals unfit for work are hired on
  • The ability to compare baseline health data to biometric data gathered down the line — vital when dealing with disability claims, on-site accidents, or litigation
  • Attainment of full regulatory compliance

AOS can handle all components of the pre-employment physical, including documenting the individual’s occupational and medical history, conducting a musculoskeletal exam, evaluating the respiratory system, examining the head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat, assessing heart health, taking baseline health numbers such as blood pressure and cholesterol, and more.


For further information on adding the pre-employment physical to your pre-hire process, contact AOS today at 864-990-3696!