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Pulmonary Function Test


Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry) for Your Workplace

There are a number of occupational hazards that may cause issues with lung function, including a lack of oxygen or increased exposure to particulates, dust, or chemicals.

Employers can do their best to protect employees by conducting a pulmonary function test that will measure how effective protective equipment is and help the employer make appropriate safety adjustments.

Entrust AOS to Conduct Your Pulmonary Function Test

Also called spirometry, the pulmonary function test gauges how effectively the lungs are able to inhale and release air and move oxygen into the body. You may find a pulmonary function test useful if you need to:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your respiratory safety equipment
  • Assess whether an employee is able to fulfill a strenuous role at your company
  • Monitor the effects certain substances have on the lungs

At AOS, our pulmonary function test involves taking an individual’s blood pressure, documenting their past exposure to substances as well as their health history, and establishing their current lung function by assessing lung volume and expiration velocity. The staff at our nationwide clinics are trained in spirometry to ensure accurate results.


Ensure regulatory compliance and protect your workforce by arranging for a pulmonary function test through AOS! To learn more, call 864-990-3696 today.