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Quantitative/Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing


Respirator Mask Fit Testing

If your employees are required to wear a respirator mask in order to safely perform their duties, you must provide quantitative or qualitative respirator mask fit testing to ensure their devices will properly function.

AOS can perform respirator fit testing to keep your company in line with OSHA regulations and your employees safe as they report to work.

Why Respirator Mask Fit Testing?

If a respirator mask doesn’t fit correctly, it won’t protect your employees, leaving them at risk for medical problems and you at risk for legal action. Without respirator mask fit test, the device may not form a tight seal, allowing contaminated air to enter the facepiece so that the worker may inhale hazardous substances.

Quantitative Respirator Mask Fits

When AOS performs a quantitative respirator mask fit test, we use top-of-the-line machinery to measure the volume of substances that can leak into the facepiece when the individual is wearing the respirator mask. Our methodology can be used for any kind of tight-fitting respirator mask. Unlike qualitative fit testing, this process does not involve an individual’s taste or smell, nor does expose the individual to a potential sensory reaction.

Qualitative Respirator Mask Fits

Qualitative fit testing relies on the individual’s sense of smell, taste, or their physical reaction to an irritant to determine if the respirator mask is letting in a foreign substance. Unlike quantitative testing, the qualitative test does not measure the amount of substance leakage, but whether any leakage has occurred at all. AOS uses the four OSHA-approved methods for the mask fit testing: Isoamyl acetate (which has a banana smell); saccharin (which has a sweet taste); bitrex (which has a bitter taste); and irritant smoke (which triggers coughing). The qualitative respirator mask test is typically used to fit half-mask respirators that cover just the mouth and nose.

For more information on what our quantitative or qualitative respirator mask fit test entails, contact AOS at 864-990-3696.