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Occupational Solutions

Drug Testing & Collections Supplies

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions offers workplace drug testing design, site protocol services, and collections supplies for occupational health and workplace drug testing procedures.

Simplify Your Drug Test Procedure: Trust AOS for Drug Testing & Collections Supplies

Part of our job as a third party administrator involves providing logistical support at all levels and stages of the drug test procedure. We not only provide testing design, site protocoling, and billing assistance; we also provide behind-the-scenes site-based support.


Providing Collections & Drug Testing Supplies

To standardize each drug testing procedure and ensure expeditious testing at each site, AOS can supply all drug testing materials and actively monitor and maintain supply levels across clinic sites. With our services, your company can avoid testing delays and receive the reporting you need quickly.


To learn more about how AOS can improve your drug test procedure, call 864-990-3696 today.