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Occupational Solutions

Drug Testing Site Protocols & Set-Up

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions offers occupational health and drug testing services, including protocol design and site setup.

Streamline Drug Testing Site Protocoling & Setup

Let AOS handle testing site protocols and set-up for all your occupational health and drug testing needs.

With our nationwide network of sites and our extensive industry experience, our team can ensure your testing site meets stringent regulatory requirements as well as your high expectations.


Logistical Support in Occupational Health & Drug Testing Site Setup

Our online web platform grants AOS access to a nationwide network of thousands of clinics specializing in occupational health and drug screening. The convenient web portal also allows clients to schedule collections online to streamline the drug testing process.

Additionally, we have the capability to protocol non-network sites as needed. AOS will work with you to streamline testing site setups and protocoling.


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