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As an employer, there are a hundred tasks that can get in your way and delay doing drug testing. What is the most efficient way to test your employees for drugs and for other occupational needs to get them working as soon as possible?

On-Site Testing

On-site drug testing cost is going to be higher because of the cost per kit as well as the cost to hire any specimen collectors. For the most part, on-site or mobile services allow you to safely and easily test your workers as part of your random or reasonable suspicion drug testing program. There is no need to worry about potential accidents that could occur on the way to the facility, experience delays in results, or budget for the travel time required when employees have to drive to the lab on their own.

  • The first is a self-contained, one-step employee testing kit that gives rapid results, however they require confirmation from a laboratory and retesting in the event of a false read.
  • The second utilizes a supervised specimen collection by an expert that is training in collection and processing such as a Drug Testing Technician or Third Party Administrator. DTT’s are also skilled with Chain of Custody forms and procedures, ensuring that all results are legally admissible in a Court of Law.

Off-Site Testing

Off-site is an excellent option for those doing clinical testing and other occupational services such as,

  • Immunizations for those in healthcare, education, childcare or caretaker positions are required to be up to date.
  • A Titer test can clear employees for work who have lost records, are required to travel internationally, were born before 1989, and more.
  • Functional capacity to provide a baseline for any rehab related to injuries or health problems, creating work goals and guidelines.
  • Audio testing to meet federal, industry or state regulations or test employee work-related hearing loss.
  • Physical exams like pre-hire, DOT, HAZMAT/Asbestos and Merchant Mariner.

As for any testing facility, the services offered will differ. If you have questions about on-site or off-site employee testing, contact ARCpoint Occupational Solutions at 888-663-1881 today.