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Pharmacogenetics Testing for Businesses

Did you know that you can save your employees time, money and stress with a simple mouth swab? These affordable and non-invasive genetic tests, known as pharmacogenetic testing, are helping doctors around the world determine which medications will work best with their patients’ DNA – and which ones will not.p3-color-logo

If you have ever been prescribed a medication, you are likely familiar with the procedure: you try out the medication for a certain amount of time, then return to the doctor afterwards for a follow-up to see if the prescription is actually working. It is exhausting and expensive, for employees and employers, alike. As out-of-pocket fees, co-pays and flexible spending accounts begin to mount for your employees, your healthcare costs get pushed higher and higher.

You and your employees do not have the time or money for trial-and-error in medical matters. When it comes to prescription drugs, trying various different drugs over a length of time can be downright dangerous. Every year, the U.S. sees more than one hundred thousand deaths and 2.3 million serious health risks, including addiction, at the hands of adverse drug reactions. Pharmacogenetic testing can be used for better treatment plans for your employees.

We encourage you to learn more about pharmacogenetics testing below to discover how it will save your employees time, money, stress and potentially their lives. If you have additional questions, call ARCpoint Occupational Solutions toll-free at (866) 642-TEST (8378).

Employee Benefits of Pharmacogenetic Testing

Your employees will discover a number of advantages to pursuing pharmacogenetics testing with ARCpoint Labs, including:p3-genes-chart-w-border

  • Feel better faster: By getting the right medication and dosage the first time, your employees will get well sooner. Additionally, doctors are more easily able to avoid prescriptions and treatments that may not react well with the patient.
  • Reduced cost: By saying goodbye to trial-and-error, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses go down. Employees may also see a decrease in their insurance premium.
  • Fewer visits to the doctor: Your employees can cut costs, germ exposure and wait times when they get the right medication the first time.
  • One-time testing: Because DNA does not change, pharmacogenetics testing only needs to be completed once and updated when necessary.

Employer Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing

Employees are not the only ones that benefit from pharmacogenetics testing. Employers may see the following:

  • Increased productivity: When your employees are not sick or visiting the doctor, they have more time and energy to focus on their work.
  • Reduced costs:  Healthcare costs for your employees will go down when their medical concerns and issues are being properly treated, and you could see lower expenses as employees will need fewer visits to the doctor and prescription drugs.
  • Lower chances of addiction: Pharmacogenetics testing allows your employees’ physicians to eliminate drugs from their treatment plans that are potentially addicting or that do not work.

Why Choose Pharmacogenetics Testing from ARCpoint OS?

  • Do you question whether your employees’ prescriptions are working as effectively and safely as they should?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you could eliminate the trial-and-error process of prescription medications?
  • Want to give your employees the power to choose the best medication for their chronic condition?
  • Have you ever wondered why doctors sometimes try a slew of medications to treat the same condition?
  • Would you like to know what drugs will work for you or your employees before they are prescribed?

Consider the following:

Green gloves Thermal PCR cycler DNA copying wide shot

  • Every year, your employees can spend an average of $1,000 trying to find the right medication for their condition before they find the best drug for treatment.
  • Genetic differences among individuals can affect how their body responds to a drug.
  • In the U.S., adverse reactions to drugs are the fourth leading cause of death and cost an astonishing $136 billion a year.

Affordable, simple pharmacogenetics testing from ARCpoint Occupational Solutions can help your employees find the right prescription medication for their unique genetic makeup, as well as avoid adverse drug reactions and undesirable side effects.

How Pharmacogenetics Testing Works

Pharmacogenetic testing is the cutting-edge solution that focuses on how the genes of an individual respond to many frequently-prescribed medications. By analyzing the differences in drug metabolic pathways, our professionals are able to determine how any given person will react to different drugs, including how effective a medication will be, or if the individual may have an adverse reaction. With a simple mouth swab, our technicians are able to create a personal genetic profile to run against an exhaustive list of medications. Pharmacogenetic testing helps determine the following:

  • Which prescriptions will work best for the patient
  • Which medications the patient should avoid
  • Which drugs can be prescribed with everyday precautions
  • What dosage of the medication will be most effective and safe

Once your employee’s analysis is finished, they can pass it along to their prescribing physician(s), who can help them make an educated decision about which medications they should be taking.

Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenetic testing have been especially helpful in establishing effective treatment plans for:

  • ADHD
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Hormonal issues
  • Infections
  • Pain
  • Urological problems

For more information about P3 pharmacogenetic testing for your employees from ARCpoint Occupational Solutions, reach out to us today, toll-free, at (866) 642-TEST (8378).

To learn more about the many advantages of our P3 pharmacogenetics test or to pursue this testing as an individual or employer, contact us today.