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When most people think of DNA testing, relationship tests, such as those that confirm paternity, come to mind. Others might think of ancestry testing that can help flesh out a family tree or identify ethnicities that make up a family’s history.

To the vast majority, DNA testing isn’t seen as a necessity except in certain circumstances.

However, what if you knew that one simple DNA test could save you or your employees $1,000 each year, or prevent adverse health risks — even death?

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. This cutting edge technology is called pharmacogenetics testing. Here’s what you should know about its benefits for employers.

Pharmacogenetics Testing & Your Employees

How it Works

Pharmacogenetics testing, also called P3 testing, involves one simple, non-invasive DNA test. With a cheek swab, we collect an individual’s DNA and then use that to create a genetic profile.

This profile is compared to a comprehensive medication list. From this analysis, we can determine several things:

  • Prescriptions that will be most effective
  • Prescriptions to avoid
  • What medications can be prescribed
  • Dosages for selected medications

This is all possible because differences in our drug metabolic pathways affect how our bodies react to medications. By studying these differences, we can enable physicians to develop tailored treatment plans.

Benefits for Employers

As an employer, you might wonder how an individual test might impact your bottom line.

One of the biggest benefits of pharmacogenetics testing you should consider as an employer is the lowered healthcare costs. When your employees are able to get prescribed the best medications for them right away, the expense of prescription trial and error — from medication costs to co-pays and insurance fees — is eliminated.

Another benefit of pharmacogenetics tests? With the right medication prescribed, your employees will get better sooner, meaning less sick days and more productivity. They should also require fewer doctor’s visits, again cutting down on absences.

Pursue P3 Testing

Interested in pursuing pharmacogenetics testing for your employees or as an individual? ARCpoint Occupational Solutions can help. Learn more about this exciting technology, or orderĀ a P3 test now!