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About Us

Our Philosophy & Approach


At AOS, we think a little differently. If we were to simply say, “Customer service is our priority,” we would sound exactly like a thousand other companies out there. We want our customers to expect more from us than just lip service, and we strive to always deliver services that exceed industry standards and prove to our clients that they are receiving superior, one-on-one customer service that they won’t find anywhere else.

Our philosophy for AOS is to offer unmatched services by following these three key ideas:


Leveraging Technology


We strive to always find innovative ways to leverage new technological solutions to drive value, increase client satisfaction and retention, and raise the bar for the services we provide to our clients.


Driving Scalability


We promote a “customer-centric” team culture that enables us to focus on what is important. This helps us use resources in the most efficient way, save time on our processes, and ultimately go above and beyond for our clients.


Hiring & Retaining the Best Talent


We believe that our employees are our most critical assets. Maintaining a strong team that helps drive the success of our company and serves our clients well is of the utmost importance.

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