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Effective pre-employment screening can mean the difference between hiring the right employee and wasting time and money on the wrong employee. That’s why developing a workable pre-employment screening process is so vital. Use these tips to ensure that you’re hiring an employee that’s a good fit for your company.

Components of a Good Pre-Employment Screening Policy


Pre-Employment Screening for Drug and Alcohol Use

One of the most important aspects of any pre-employment screening policy includes testing for drug and alcohol use. This testing prevents a bad hire, keeps current employees safe and ensures that the organization’s physical and financial assets remain secure. Moreover, pre-employment screening for drug use prevents the company from incurring the medical, legal and other expenses that are associated with hiring an addict.

Check References

Too many companies don’t follow up on references. Don’t fall into this trap by always making the calls. Ask open-ended questions that elicit more complete answers from the referee. Also, ask about traits such as punctuality, attendance record, time-management skills and attention to detail.

Perform a Criminal Background Check

No pre-employment screening process would be complete without a criminal background check. National databases contain valuable information that can tell you a great deal about a potential hire. However, don’t neglect local and county court records to get a more accurate picture.

Locate Driver History

If driving will be an essential part of the responsibilities of your new hire, then you want to know more about their driving history. It’s easy to make this check a part of pre-employment screening. In fact, you may even want to check these records if driving isn’t an essential responsibility since a poor driving history may indicate unreliability or potential problems with punctuality and attendance.

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