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Background checks keep your employees, clients, and business safe. Your employees are the most important investment you can make as a company. Unfortunately, investments can be a gamble and the bad employees can cost your company a lot in terms of time, money, and safety in the long run.

What Makes a Bad Employee?

Companies don’t intentionally hire employees who will put others at risk but, sometimes, there is an immediate need to fill a position or due to a sudden worker resignation or unpredicted seasonal product influx. A bad hire could compromise safety and cost the company money by working under the influence of drugs or alcohol or a bad hire could have a long list of traffic citations and DUIs. Employees risking safety is an obvious problem but employees that don’t do their work, and have a history of this, but whose work history wasn’t checked will drive down productivity.

What Can a Background Check Entail?

For the most part, employers want to know that you aren’t a violent felon and that your education and previous employment history can be verified. However, businesses need to protect themselves so if someone shoplifted as a teenager and it was never expunged, a retail employer probably wouldn’t be willing to risk hiring them, even if it was years ago. Below are the screening services that a background check can utilize:

Are Background Checks Required?

Some industries like home healthcare, insurance, and financial sectors require background checks because these people will be handling personal, private information. A person applying for an executive position will go through a more stringent testing than a minimum wage or part-time employee. Different screenings can be requested from the company based on the candidate’s position (an office manager wouldn’t need a physical like a construction worker within the same company.)

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