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With drug abuse continuing to be a problem for many people in the U.S., employers must take certain steps to ensure that they have a sober workforce. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that about 69% of drug users are employed. Just because you think you know your employees and that your workplace does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Taking these steps will help you be sure that your workers are sober.

Detecting Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Sometimes there are signs that can help you determine if an employee is abusing drugs or alcohol during work. For example, erratic speech and behavior, difficulty walking or other motor skill issues, and failure to complete work can all be signs that an employee is struggling with drugs or alcohol. However, unless you actually catch an employee drinking or in possession of drugs, the only way to know for sure is to have that employee take a drug or alcohol test. In these cases, it is helpful for your company to have a reasonable suspicion drug testing policy so that you can get drug testing for employees that are likely using drugs.

Your workplace may also want to implement a random drug testing program so that employees know that they could be tested at any time for drugs or alcohol. This can be a useful deterrent to prevent employees from using drugs or alcohol while working.

Testing for Drugs & Alcohol Before Employment

There are steps you can take to achieve a drug-free workplace even before making a hire. Having a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening program helps you to ensure that each new worker is a drug-free addition to your workforce. Requiring all potential hires take a pre-employment drug and alcohol test helps prevent you from hiring employees that may cost your business time and money.

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