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ARCpoint OS Blog Title with text what you should know about reasonable suspicion drug testing

Reasonable suspicion drug testing can be an important component of any workplace’s anti-drug policy. Employers do not tolerate the use of drugs by employees because being under the influence poses a dangerous threat. Companies recognize that they have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions, which is why they institute drug-free workplace policies.

When to Test Employees

Many organizations use pre-employment drug screenings to help them make better hiring decisions. Additionally, they may test personnel randomly to make certain that employees continue to comply with company policy. Many businesses have also created a reasonable suspicion drug testing program.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

When a manager, supervisor or other administrative member of your office notices signs that indicate a controlled substance has been used by an employee, there are grounds for reasonable suspicion drug testing. As the name suggests there has been one or multiple occurrences that lead to the suspicion of the use of a controlled substance by an employee, warranting a drug test.

When a supervisor has credible information that indicates that an employee may be under the influence at work, then reasonable suspicion drug testing protocol may be enacted. It is important that any drug testing of this kind be a part of the company’s written policy. Otherwise, the worker may be able to make a claim for discrimination.

When Should Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing Occur?

All employees should be aware of the organization’s drug testing policy. Moreover, it is essential for management to be trained in detecting the symptoms of a worker who is under the influence. This way, the reasonable suspicion drug testing can occur with as much efficiency as possible when the symptoms are observed. Testing can even be done in the middle of a shift to determine whether or not the employee is affected by drug or alcohol use while at work.

Look For The Signs

An employee may be under the influence and not fit for work if he or she is excessively sleepy or slurring words. If an odor of alcohol seems to cling to the worker, then this may also be a sign. Confusion, disorientation or erratic behavior may all be telltale symptoms that a drug test is needed.

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