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Every workplace is unique, so why have a standard testing policy? The best way to get the most out of workplace drug testing is to design a customized plan with a third party administrator that you, the employer, understand and are able to implement. Testing policies aren’t just about drug testing, they are about the overall health and safety of workers including OSHA and DOT compliance, audio testing. physical exams, and much more.

Testing Site Set-up & Protocol

Choosing a testing site with a nationwide network of sites and extensive industry experience is essential for your business to meet regulatory requirements for all of your occupational health and drug testing needs. Another pro for choosing a nationwide network is that they typically have online platforms with support that can answer your questions, allow you to schedule collections and streamline the whole process.

Standardized Testing Documentation

When testing documentation is customized and standardized, the process goes much more smoothly. It is vital to prevent potential uncertainty regarding whether or not the correct testing was completed, and no samples were confused. When different sites utilize multiple, non-standardized testing documentation the discrepancy may create confusion and cause a lot of time to be wasted sorting out the problem.

Billing Set-up & Auditing

Billing is easily one of the most frustrating aspects of occupational health services and drug testing. Continuous billing support and providing an ongoing auditing assistance will ensure that there are no discrepancies and any issue can be resolved quickly so no larger problem develops.

Claims Processing & Dispute Resolution

Find peace of mind knowing that your streamlined testing site will quickly and easily resolve any claims processing issues that arise, including:

  • Billing disputes or discrepancies
  • Processing multiple invoices from different locations
  • Improper invoicing
  • Incorrect services rendered

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