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How Can a Third Party Administrator Help Your Business?

If you’ve found that your business spends a significant time administering drug tests to employees, there is a way around it with minimal risk. Hiring a third party administrator (TPA) to handle drug testing benefits everyone because it frees up valuable time for you to spend on other areas of your business. Even more importantly, a third party administrator does everything by the book. That means you won’t have to worry about being in compliance with laws because your TPA will take care of everything for you.

Advantages of Using a TPA

The benefit of hiring a third party administrator for your business is that you’ll create a healthy and happy work environment for all. Employees under the influence of drugs and alcohol are more likely to be absent from work. They cause greater instances of accidents in the workplace. They’re also less productive than other employees because they are physically impaired.

A third party administrator protects your rights as an employer to maintain a drug-free workplace. They make sure every part of the process follows the rules and regulations that make administering drug tests to employees legal. This reduces the likelihood of lawsuits by workers who feel they were unfairly singled out and asked to submit a sample to a third party administrator.

Improve Your Business with Third Party Administrator Services

As you can see, hiring someone else to administer drug tests to employees has its benefits. It gives you an abundance of time to spend on other areas of your business. It ensures that productivity is higher because it helps you discover at-risk employees who are abusing drugs and alcohol while working for you.

A third party administrator makes sure every law is followed, thus lessening the burden of responsibility for the business owner. Many companies hire an outside drug administering company to handle drug testing for this reason.


ARCpoint Occupational Solutions is proud to provide professional third party administrator services to businesses for drug testing, clinical testing and more. Contact us today to learn more.