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Do the same questions keep coming up with you, a loved one, or fellow employees, such as:

Why isn’t there a more innovative way to diet, exercise or get prescribed medications other than the “old” trial and error methods?

Why are most lab’s test results so hard to understand?

Why does it sometimes cost thousands of dollars to get an advanced genetic report?

Why can’t consumers get these test results directly, confidentially and affordably so they can share them with their physicians?

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions and MyGenesRx Provides-
Scientist Woman

1) A best in class, affordable and EASY to understand Medication Sensitivity and a Diet / Exercise Report by combining all the available science and technology with an individuals unique genetics. 

2) Two professional business organizations that can collect your sample, provide education and confidentially deliver the information in a responsible and understandable report.

3) A proactive movement that will empower consumers, providers and physicians with incredibly accurate and actionable information.

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