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Like it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner.

While for individuals, this might mean planning the holiday menu, starting the shopping list, and preemptively decking the halls, for DOT-regulated organizations — particularly those in the shipping industry — it means preparing for a huge holiday season.

If you are DOT-regulated, you must be in full compliance with the Department of Transportation this holiday season! Here’s how you can ensure that your fleet stays on the nice list.

Holiday Preparation for DOT-Regulated Organizations

Complete Required DOT Physical Exams

If your organization employs people in certain safety-sensitive positions, then you are subject to federal requirements for DOT physical exams.

This entails having your employees objectively evaluated so they can be cleared to drive, fix, or operate commercial motor vehicles. While important year-round, this is especially crucial during the holiday months, when the number of CMVs on the road increases due to more shipping demands, and road conditions worsen due to winter weather.

Physical and mental health are both evaluated during DOT physicals, since both are important in determining an individual’s ability to fulfill a safety-sensitive role.

DOT-Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing

DOT compliance also means keeping up-to-date with your drug and alcohol testing. You must follow regulations pertaining to every part of your testing program and policy. These rules may govern who can and should be subject to testing, when testing can occur, how testing can be conducted, and who determines the need for testing.

Pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing for both drugs and alcohol are all subject to DOT compliance rules. If your organization doesn’t have a good handle on the pertinent DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements, then you risk the safety of your employees and their cargo, as well as the lives of anyone else on the road this holiday season.

Partner with ARCpoint Occupational Solutions

ARCpoint Occupational Solutions can serve as your comprehensive DOT compliance expert. We provide DOT physical exams as well as complete DOT drug and alcohol testing services, from testing to supervisory and collections training to random program management.

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